Investigating forms of presentation of the Artist’ Book.

The book on the table. /// The closed archives. /// The book in a box. /// The open archives. ///
The book on the shelves. /// The book underfoot. /// The book on the ground.
/// The book in an intimate space. /// The book as installation. /// The book in a working space. ///
The book as an object to walk around. /// The book as a concept for a space.


participant: Jeroen van Westen [#1].

Jeroen van WestenJeroen van WestenJeroen van Westen

The roots of Jeroen van Westen’s interests are in the variations of the Dutch landscape, in the mutuality of giving room (or the lack of it) to nature and culture. Always curious about the interweaving of comprehensions of nature and culture. Questions on a conceptual level arise: is nature a conceptual idea or is culture a product of that nature?

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In this way Jeroen van Westen uses book forms from different cultures in order to look at the landscapes around him. Later - he expands his inquiries to map forms from several cultures: the relations between physical and mental experiences being made visible.

For the last year Jeroen has been working directly with the ‘readability’ of the landscape. On an elementary level he is creating an opportunity for a dialogue between: nature and culture, between the present and the past, between discovering and knowing. Jeroen still feels the need to travel through other landscapes, books and archives in order to ask questions about his own landscape, culture and position.