Investigating forms of presentation of the Artist’ Book.

The book on the table. /// The closed archives. /// The book in a box. /// The open archives. ///
The book on the shelves. /// The book underfoot. /// The book on the ground.
/// The book in an intimate space. /// The book as installation. /// The book in a working space. ///
The book as an object to walk around. /// The book as a concept for a space.


participant: Frans Baake [# 02]

Frans BaakeFrans BaakeFrans BaakeFrans BaakeFrans BaakeFrans BaakeFrans Baake

Artists’ Books by Frans Baake

Frans Baake (Stad-Delden, The Netherlands 1958) studied Graphics at the Academy of Fine Arts AKI in Enschede. Afterwards he followed a course of Graphics at the Rijksakademie in Amsterdam.

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For years Frans Baake travels to islands, especially foggy and windy ones. During these journeys he makes sketchings, photographs, notes. Based on these travels he usually makes printings and artist’s books. He often prints, binds and publishes these books in a small edition. Books and printings with photographs, woodcuts, collages, texts, associations. It is mainly the shape of the naked landscape itself that attracts him. During several years he visited the Aleutians, Falklands, St. Pierre & Miquelon, Faroes and Tierra del Fuego. Some articles Frans Baake wrote about these and other islands have been published in Dutch travelmagazines. The books meanwhile have found their way into (international) museum collections.

In his books he always uses a simple visual language. Everything too much has to be eliminated. Letterpress-technique is the most convenient for him: something gives a printed impression or just not, there is nothing in-between. The books don’t get existed within an arranged plan. Photographs will be made according to analogue equipment. These pictures should be forgotten for a while, in order to appear when time is there. Therefore digital photography will not be used by him. Fact is that from every journey ‘something’ has to come out, although is not a given that it should be a book. Often something similar will exist in this way. It also can be possible that photographs will be picked out of his archives to be brung together into a new edition. The books themselves are not directly handling about islands or landscapes. There are more concept-like statements that can be used. His affection for the idea of ‘edtion’ is shown regularly. For instance by using several identically printed pages into his bookworks. These books often will be showed during several (group)exhibitions, last years more and more at international manifestations.

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